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New National Education Policy 2019 (Hindi & English Languages)


New National Education Policy 2019 (Hindi & English Languages)

The vision of India’s new education system has accordingly been crafted to 
ensure that it touches the life of each and every citizen, consistent with their 
ability to contribute to many growing developmental imperatives of this 
country on the one hand, and towards creating a just and equitable society 
on the other. 

We have proposed the revision and revamping of all aspects of 
the education structure, its regulation and governance, to create a new system 
that is aligned with the aspirational goals of 21st century education, while 
remaining consistent with India’s traditions and value systems. 
The historic Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted at the UN 
General Assembly in 1948, declared that “everyone has the right to education”. 
Article 26 in the Declaration stated that “education shall be free, at least in 
the elementary and fundamental stages” and “elementary education shall be 
compulsory”, and that ‘education shall be directed to the full development of 
the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights 
and fundamental freedoms’. 
The idea that education must result in the ‘full development of the human 
personality’ continued to be reflected in influential reports such as that entitled

New National Education Policy 2019 Languages

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