4231 Total candidates are selected in the Military Recruitment Fair held from 2014 to 2018,Mostly fails in physical exam

Due to lack of proper knowledge of recruitment rules in the army, only 1.63% of the 2.58 lakh candidates qualified in five years.

More than 3.25 lakh youths applied in the Military Recruitment Fair held in the last 5 years under Army Recruitment Office Ahmedabad, out of 2,235,275 candidates appearing for
the examination, but only 4231 youths could qualify.

What do you need in a
Military Recruitmen physical test?
➤Minimum 5.45 min-running 1.6 km,
➤Minimum 6 pullups,
➤9 foot pit jump,
➤running on slim railing.

➽Written test appear after passing.

🔺Today is  the last  day to Apply the Military Recruitment Fair Himmatnagar,
The Military Recruitment Fair Himmatnagar is held on 28th August to 9th

➤The success of other Tough Exams is even greater in the last few years. More than 3,000 students have passed in the CA Finals. In the State, more than 40 out of about 15 qualify each year.