Team India will reach the finals of the World Cup without having played the semi-finals.

Team India, which has won 7 out of 8 matches in the league stage of the ICC World Cup, can also reach the final without playing the semi-final. In the semifinal match, India will play with fourth place of New Zealand in the points table.

A reserve day for semi-finals to be held between India and New Zealand. If the ground rains on Tuesday, the semi-final match will be played on Wednesday it's a reserve day for semi final.

Team India's run rate, first position with 15 points in point table, is +0.809.  At the same time, the New Zealand's run rate at number four with 11 points is +0.175.  In this both cases India is ahead in both points and run rate. According to the ICC rules, in case of cancellation of match, the team with more points gets the benefit and it gets an opportunity to reach the final.