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These smartphones will be closed on 2019 in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app worldwide. Millions of people have downloaded it on both platforms of Play Store or Apple Store. But for some users who have used this app over the years, there is a bad news from WhatsApp. Whatsapp has released a list of operating systems which will not support WhatsApp after December 31, 2018. According to the data available, users who are currently Nokia
S40 uses the operating system WhatsApp will not develop new features for their phones. At the same time, some features of WhatsApp can also be turned off even on mobile phones working on the Nokia S40. 
 Moreover, WhatsApp will not work even after February 1, 2020 on the iPhone running on Android version 2.3.7 and its earlier operating system, iOS7 and so on operating on the same operating system.

Whatsapp says is that the company will not develop new features for those platforms. Because of this, some features will stop working automatically. Whatsapp says is that, when it focuses on seven years of coming, its focus is on mobile phones, which most people use.
】 In this case, if your phone is working on the Nokia S40 or the previous operating system and you want to use WhatsApp on it, you will have to take a new phone. In addition to your phone you have the option to upgrade the operating system, you can use WhatsApp by doing so.

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