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LRD PaperLik / Karnataka Printing Press Released From A Strongerum After Paper Print


* Likely to be caught today in the Strong Room,

* Paper was printed for storing information in the strokeroom

Mihir Bhatt, Ahmedabad: The documents of the police inspector's body have been revealed in Karnataka's printing press after being printed in a strollroom. Paper that was packed in a milk packet packed with a blade, cut the paper from the inside and copied it in a mobile photo paper.

Supported sources say that the location of the people who manage to enter the strungroom from the photographer, has been traced and the team has also been dispatched to arrest them. Ashok Sahu is also said to have used the same modus operandi in Madhya Pradesh, even though the paper was vacated by the Food Corporation of India's hired recruitment paper.

Supported sources say that the professional recruitment letter was printed in a press in Karnataka after the professional gang noticed it. When the paper was printed in the strokeroom, water was supplied for the information. As the paper reached the Strong Room, the gang was activated and inside, the sealed packet was cut off from the blade on the side and photo was taken down in the mobile. All the names and locations of these people have been obtained. He is also telling the sources that he will be arrested on counting hours.

Some of Hyderabad's also got the number

The scrutiny of the paper leak scam was scrutinized on the mobile phones of the people caught so far. During the investigation of Ashok Shahoo's mobile phone, the contacts with some people in Hyderabad have been opened. Investigations are also being done on whether Hyderabad-based suspects are involved in the paper leak scam.

Details are hidden from the investigating officers

According to sources, the investigating officers are hiding many details in the case. Some details are also hidden from some senior officials investigating. They are given enough information to take necessary action. Specific issues are being investigated by the issue of issues which are to be kept private.

Now big fish will come out

An official attached to the paper leak investigation said that the formula has changed three times in the investigation till now. However, all of them are now open just as 'Puppet'. Ashok Sahu's arrest and inquiries, after the interrogation, will be arrested on the basis of the details, and it will be big fish.

The accused were found in a hotel in Ashram Road on November 29

During the scandal of paper leak, Delhi and Gujarat were held on November 29 at the Hotel Vice President, Ahmedabad Ashram Road. The CCTV footage and the hotel's registered police have taken possession of the accused and lodged in the hotel. Regarding registration of the register, it was found that accused Ajay Meena (Madhya Pradesh) along with Ashok, Haryana's Manjit Singh and Manish Singh Sharma (Tapak), landed at the hotel on Friday afternoon at 1 pm.

Of them, Ashok and Ajay were locked out in Room No. 408 and Manjit and Manish Room No. 409. All four of them have shown reason to visit Ahmedabad. Of the accused, Ashok Sahu was taken to the hotel and staff statements were taken for three hours.

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